Does Soundproof Paint Work?

Does Soundproof Paint Work

Soundproofing paint is one of the most common solutions given for soundproofing bedrooms, living rooms, and other places too. 

So, when I came across it, I got curious whether it actually works or not. After all, many soundproofing solutions simply don’t work even after investing tons of money! In this guide, I’ll be talking about whether or not soundproof paint works and many other details related to it. 

Soundproof paint may help in reducing the sounds by 30% coming from a neighbor’s house but may not help in reducing traffic noises or other commotion. To get the best results, you may have to apply more coats of paint which can make the walls look thicker. 

Let’s read on to find out more information related to this. 

What is Soundproof Paint?

As the name suggests, soundproof paint, also known as acoustic paint, helps in soundproofing rooms and other areas. It is because these paints contain compounds that essentially help in absorbing vibrations and sounds. Thus, reducing the impact of the noises.

Moreover, when it comes to the difference between normal paints and soundproof paints, it lies in the materials used inside it. For example, I have found out that soundproof paint is made up of vinyl acrylic or latex. So, the soundproofing, water-resistant, and acoustic qualities are because of vinyl acrylic.

Additionally, soundproof paint also contains fillers, known as ceramic microspheres, that help in enhancing the sound absorption properties. These spheres also help in giving a uniform look in the final paint which is often lacking in normal paint. It is because normal paint has irregular fillers that may lead to a non-uniform look and result into gaps. 

The good thing about soundproof paint is that it is also non-toxic and non-hazardous, so you can apply it to both the interior and exterior walls. Some other benefits include UV-resistance, water-resistance, and low combustibility. 

How to Use Soundproof Paint? 

If you are thinking about soundproofing your entire house with soundproof paint, stop right there! 

Keep in mind that if it is only your bedroom that is susceptible to noises, you need to determine which area lacks soundproofing. Then, once you have spotted those walls, you can continue applying soundproof paint on only those areas. 

Secondly, when it comes to the number of paint coats, the thicker the paint, the better sound absorption, it will offer. 

So, you should consider applying at least three coats to see the best results. This will also help in blocking the noise from going out and your neighbors from eavesdropping on your conversations!

How Effective Is Soundproof Paint?

Now, let’s talk about whether soundproof paint is even effective or not. Well, let’s just say it is effective but not the best and foolproof solution in the long term. 

Soundproof paint can help in reducing 30% of the total noise which may seem like a lot. But, this is where the limitations come in. The noise it is capable of blocking or absorbing is of mid-frequencies, such as people talking. 

You shouldn’t expect your soundproof paint to block or absorb sounds having lower or even higher frequencies, like traffic sounds, speaker sounds, or even dogs barking. You see, this is what I meant by certain limitations. 

So, in my opinion, I find that it is a great option if you don’t want to hear the sounds of people talking. But, not so great when it comes to blocking actual loud noises that can make your house soundproof. 

Another option I can suggest is that you can combine other soundproofing methods, like hanging acoustic tiles, or using better furniture, with soundproof paint to get better results. It is totally up to you, your budget, and your convenience!

Who Should Get Soundproof Paint?

If you are willing to go for soundproof paint, just keep in mind the below factors to know if it is good for you or not. 

Good For Mid-Range Frequencies 

As mentioned earlier soundproof paint is perfect for those wanting to block out mid-range sounds, like conversational noises. It isn’t good for those wanting to block out loud noises, like traffic noises. 

Good For Combining With Other Soundproof Methods

If you are willing to combine other soundproofing methods with soundproof paint, then also, you can go for soundproofing paint. 

Good For Those Wanting Quick and Inexpensive Soundproofing Walls Option

If you are planning to cover only a single wall with soundproofing paint, you can go ahead as it may cost below $50. For the whole room, it may get a bit expensive as it can go above $200-$300. 

So, soundproofing paint is suitable for you, if you are fine with the above-mentioned points!

Common Features of Soundproof Paint

Some of the common features of soundproof paint that I have come across, include:

Sound-Absorbent and Reduces Echo 

One of the best features of soundproof paint lies in the fact that it can absorb a lot of sounds, ranging from conversational noises to that of a baby crying. It can also help in reducing echo which is also one of the major reasons for noise. 

Mold and Mildew-Resistant 

You don’t have to worry about your soundproof paint getting ruined as it is quite mold and mildew-resistant due to the compounds present in it. 


As I have mentioned earlier, soundproof paint consists of latex. Latex has many beneficial properties, one of them being water-resistance. 

Smooth Consistency 

Soundproof paints require more coats but they also tend to be smoother compared to basic paints. The credit goes to the ceramic microspheres that hold the paint together and offer uniformity too. 

Eco-Friendly Nature 

Lastly, these soundproof paints also have eco-friendly and toxic-free compounds that do not cause any damage to either you or the environment. So, you can apply it outside and inside the room too. 

Limitations and Dangers of Using Soundproof Paint

There are almost no dangers of using soundproof paint as the compounds used inside are non-toxic. However, there are a few limitations you may want to know about before going for soundproof paint. 

Not Good For Loud Noises 

Yes, that is one of the biggest limitations of going for soundproof paint. This paint is only good for medium noises and won’t be able to block out loud noises. 

May Get Expensive 

I know I have mentioned above that it is pretty cheap for one wall. But, the same cannot be said if you want to coat the whole room with soundproof paint. 

It is because the cost may go above $300 and for premium soundproof paint, it can even reach more. However, keep in mind that the expensive options may have better sound-absorbing capacities compared to the cheaper ones due to high-quality compounds. 

Where Can You Get Soundproof Paint?

If you are sure about buying soundproofing paint, you can easily get plenty of those available in online stores, like Amazon and eBay. 

You can also go to your nearest paint shop and ask them about this. Plenty of times many shops also have soundproof paint available. When it comes to the brand, there are many selling soundproof paint. However, make sure you read the reviews on online stores before buying any. 

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