Soundproof Door Cover: Easy Way To Keep Sound Out

Soundproof Door Cover

Let’s be honest, most internal doors in a home are not that brilliant at stopping sound. This is because they are often quite hollow. This allows any sound passing through them to echo.

There are plenty of methods that you can use for soundproofing. The problem is that many of them are not all that effective, and the ones that are will often require some serious skills with tools e.g. replacing doors. Enter soundproof door covers.

Soundproof door covers are a brilliant way to keep sound in or out of a room. They don’t require that much in the way of skill to install either. In fact, if you can drill a hole and screw a screw, then you can install a soundproof door cover.

What is a Soundproof Door Cover?

Soundproof door covers do pretty much what they say on the tin.

You can think of a soundproof door cover as a rather large blanket that covers the door. Once the soundproof door cover is in place, it will help to block any sound traveling through that door. This makes them ideal for rooms in the home which tend to deal with a lot of noise.

Soundproof door covers accomplish this all by being made of incredibly thick material, often with some soundproofing qualities added to them. 

Who Would Benefit from a Soundproof Door Cover?

Soundproof door covers are perfect for those people that have doors that let a huge amount of noise through.

For example, if you constantly find shower noises escaping the bathroom, or if you are watching TV in the living room and noises from outside of the room constantly disrupt you from speaking on the TV.

Soundproof door covers work especially well if you have hollow doors and you do not wish to replace them or if you have tried pretty much every other soundproofing technique to no avail. 

Cheap vs. Expensive Soundproof Door Covers

At the moment, there are not that many soundproof door covers on the market that come in at ‘bargain basement’ prices. This is because if you go too cheap with them, they simply do not work. That being said, you do have cheaper and more expensive options available.

Generally speaking, the cheaper options are not as brilliant at stopping sound in its tracks. They will stop some sounds, but a little bit will always manage to get through the door. This is because the materials that the cheaper soundproof door covers have been constructed from are not quite as thick.

Cheaper options also do not ‘hang’ as well above the door. With a soundproof door cover, you likely will want to be moving it in and out of position a lot. More expensive options on the market make this a lot easier.

The main difference, however, is the design of the soundproof door cover. A soundproof door cover is going to become part of your home’s decor. Therefore, you want it to look as brilliant as possible. The more expensive options on the market have had a lot more effort poured into their design. As a result, you end up with a far more aesthetically-pleasing home. 


The main issue when buying a soundproof door cover is buying a material that is far too thin.

As we said before, most soundproof door covers are going to work. You can really stick any sort of blanket in front of a door and they are going to work. Some door covers are going to be a lot more effective than others, though. So, the thicker the cover, the better.

Buyers will also need to pay attention to the size of the soundproof door cover. After all, if it doesn’t cover the entirety of the door, it starts to become useless. So, buyers should always try to make sure that they pick up a cover that is as close as possible to the size of the door that they have!

Where Do You Buy Soundproof Door Covers?

At the moment, soundproof door covers are not all that widespread. This is, partly, because not enough people know about them. This means that you won’t find them at your typical sites like Amazon. You may even struggle to find them at your local IKEA (they only do soundproof panels, for now).

You may also struggle to find soundproof door covers at any retailer that sells doors, or even companies that specialize in sound-reducing panels. Most of these companies will try to palm some soundproofing curtains off on you. While they may work, they are not quite as effective.

Your best option to find soundproof door covers is to search online. There are plenty of smaller companies that make them and sell them directly to consumers. We have no doubt that this type of product will start to pop up on Amazon and with major retailers over time but, for now, you will have to hunt them down a little bit. 

Top Brands for Soundproof Door Covers

At the moment, the top brands are AcoustiDoor and Producer’s Choice. While the price difference between these door covers is quite vast, they have both achieved decent reviews. 



While it isn’t strictly a door cover, those that are looking at the lower end of the market will probably want to consider the RYB Home Curtains. This is probably the most affordable way to cover your doors and stop sound coming through. Although, you will have to install a curtain rail above the door to connect it up to.


The mid-price range is where the Producer’s Choice soundproof door covers sit.

These covers are made from thick cotton. The door covers are double-layered to give extra soundproofing. 

The Producer’s Choice soundproof door covers have actually been designed for music studios. This means that they are powerful enough to keep instrument sounds locked into a room. It also prevents even the smallest of sounds creeping in which can, of course, mess up a recording.

While you are unlikely to be running your own music studio, you can feel confident knowing that this cover will keep out most sounds.

Top Priced 

The AcoustiDoor covers sit at the top end of the market. These covers have a few features that others do not have.

For starters, it is easy to move them in and out of position. So, if you do not want to have a soundproof cover constantly hanging from your door, you can just roll it up and it will sit above the door, waiting for whenever you need to use it again.

The real highlight, however, is the way that the AcoustiDoor works when it is ‘in position’. This cover will connect to your door frame using either magnets or velcro. So, once it is rolled down, it can give a tighter seal. This allows even less sound to break through the barrier.

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