Portable Soundproof Walls – Buying Guide

Portable Soundproof Walls

As a naturally studious and quiet person, I became easily overwhelmed when paired with a noisy roommate in college. To help alleviate the noise, I installed some soundproof walls in my bedroom. Though these walls did not clean up the mess my roommate left (she was messy too), they at least helped me sleep at night, even when there were guests over.

This experience made me a big fan of portable soundproof walls, and I recommend them to anyone who lives in a noisy area. Still, finding the best soundproof walls can be tricky. Here’s a buying guide to find the best option for you.

What Are Portable Soundproof Walls?

A portable soundproof wall is a type of padding that you can add to a wall or room to block out unwanted sounds. These walls can either be attached to your normal wall or stood up in the room like a partition. Partition soundproof walls are sometimes called acoustic partitions. All soundproof walls are made of noise-absorbing materials, allowing your room to be more serene.

You will often find portable acoustic partitions in office spaces. These soundproof walls are at least 6 feet high so that they create dividers throughout the room. This allows the office space to be broken up into smaller sections. All the while, each section offers a quiet working environment.

Acoustic partitions come in three styles: sliding, rolling and folding. Sliding partitions are often attached to a rail so they can easily be slid open and closed. Rolling partitions have wheels or bases so you can easily roll them around the office. Finally, folding partition walls will have a hinge so you can open and close them, much like a gym mat.

Besides acoustic partitions, there are also foam or fabric soundproof walls. These products are often attached or hung to a wall using nails or a rod. Home users are most likely to use these portable soundproof walls to protect against a noisy next-door neighbor or to prevent from becoming the noisy next-door neighbor.

Portable soundproof walls can come in many designs and styles. You will most often see them made from foams that you can attach to your wall. Portable soundproof walls are often made of fabric as well, which looks like a quilted curtain. This makes them affordable and easy to put up, take down, and store when needed.

Common Features

Even though there are multiple styles of portable soundproof walls, all have similar features. Most importantly, they are made of soundproofing and acoustic materials. This includes sound absorbing insulation panels, which reduce noise. More expensive options may also come with an acoustical fabric on the outside that absorbs more sound and makes the finished product look more polished.

The inside of soundproofing walls is often made of a core insulation. This holds the materials together, and it sometimes has air pockets to help reduce the noise further.

How the portable soundproof wall stands up will determine any additional parts. For example, rolling acoustic partitions will come with wheels, whereas soundproof quilted curtains will typically have a fabric connector at the top for you to attach it to a rail or rod.

Are They Effective?

Portable soundproof walls are highly effective. Some of the most effective models can absorb up to 85% of residual sound. This is incredibly impressive and proves that they are effective at absorbing sound, even a party or high traffic. 

Who Should Get Soundproof Walls?

Soundproof walls are impressive for anyone who wants an easy to manage and cost-efficient way of reducing excess noise in their home or office.

Homeowners will likely want portable soundproof walls if they live in an apartment complex or have roommates. It is also a great option if you know you make a lot of noise and don’t want to be the neighbor everyone hates. This option avoids any confrontation with neighbors while still making the home more peaceful.

Office buildings also benefit from soundproof walls. Most people work best whenever they’re not bombarded with many noises and voices. Portable soundproof walls are once again an affordable option to make the workspace quieter. Plus, you can reuse these options, even if the office design changes.

Cheap vs Expensive: Which To Get?

Portable soundproof walls come in a large price range. Whether or not you shell out hundreds of dollars should depend on your needs.

Most of the time, expensive portable soundproof walls are priced as such because they are made with highly absorbent materials and have an attractive finish. Most of the time, you are paying for the finish or appearance of the wall if it is expensive. These expensive options are great if appearances matter, and you need to reduce as much noise as possible.

I recommend office spaces shelling out more for their portable soundproof walls. More expensive options ensure that the room is adequately soundproofed and that the office space doesn’t look cheap or unattractive to any guests.

Still, make sure that you are spending your money wisely. Some soundproof walls are expensive purely because of the name they come with. Make sure that it makes the panel you get from sound-dampening materials, such as polycarbonate. There is no point in paying a hefty price tag if it does not adequately soundproof the space.

In contrast, homeowners probably shouldn’t spend as much on their soundproofing materials. Getting something like a soundproof pad or curtain is a great option because they are more affordable, easy to take down, and aren’t constantly in your way.

This means that you can easily pull out these materials whenever a neighbor is having a party, but you can take them down any other time. Not to mention, they are way more affordable, ensuring you don’t waste money on the wall.

What To Watch Out For

When buying soundproof walls, avoid spending your money on products that don’t adequately absorb sound. For example, you might be able to find a very cheap soundproofing foam. Though foam can certainly dampen sounds, a simple piece of foam will not do much.

To ensure that your soundproof wall works, look at the materials that are being used for soundproofing. Polycarbonate is easily the most effective material, but it may be too expensive for certain owners.

Look for things like acoustic foam, studio foam, sound insulation, acoustic panels, acoustic fabrics, and acoustic coatings in your portable soundproof walls. These materials have been tested for efficiency standards.

Where To Find Soundproof Walls

Today, you can find portable soundproof walls just about anywhere. You can stop by a local home improvement shop or look online.

The Internet is the best way to find portable soundproof walls. You will find a variety of options and prices, ensuring that you find one that matches your needs. Not to mention, looking on the Internet gives you more chances to read reviews and compare them to other products.

Top Brands

If you are looking for the best portable soundproof walls, here are some top brands to check out:


Versare offers a variety of room dividers, acoustic panels, and portable soundproof walls. These options are some of the highest quality and most attractive walls. They are completely USA made and are shockingly affordable. Office spaces on a budget will certainly like the Versare brand.


Offex sells a variety of furniture for both your home and office, including portable soundproof walls. Offex products will be slightly more expensive than Versare, but they are highly effective and durable. They also offer a variety of options to choose from, making them ideal if you want an attractive product.


If you are looking for maximum sound absorption, then Refocus acoustic dividers are for you. These options are ideal for just about any situation where you need almost complete silence. Though these options are fewer, they offer some of the best soundproofing abilities.

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